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Who Am I?

I often find myself questioning who I am. What my purpose is in this life. Why God has placed me in the marriage that I am in. Why He chose me to be my son’s mother. How in the world I, of all of the women in my church, was chosen to be the women’s ministry team leader. Why I can’t seem to shake certain sins in my life. The list goes on and on.

Who am I?

While recently listening to a sermon, I was reminded (in an extremely convicting way) that my life is not about me. My purpose here, as a child of God, is simply to love and glorify God with my whole soul, my whole heart and my whole mind. And I fail miserably at doing so, each and every day.

Praise God for the saving blood of Jesus. Praise God for new mercies each and every morning. Praise God for my brothers and sisters in Christ, who are constantly pointing me back to Christ when my flesh is struggling in a season of suffering. In all things, at all times….praise God.